Our Continuing Education Opportunity – Pacific Dental Conference 2015

Pacific Dental Conference has come to its 15th anniversary. It has grown from a local dental study club to an international renowned conference; which not only attracts dentists  and their teams from all over BC, but also appeals to dental professionals in neighbouring provinces and the US. Our team at the Children’s Oral Care Centre catches this exceptional continuing education opportunity every year to upgrade ourselves on the latest cutting edge techniques, emerging technologies and services.


Annual dental conference in BC over 300 exhibitors.
Digital Dentistry

These are some of the interesting ideas from this year conference:

“The lecture showcased how medical conditions, such as diabetes and other diseases, affect the oral cavity. It was interesting as the lecture showed us a complete different angle for examining the oral cavity. A thorough oral examination reveals not only one’s dental health, but also provides first clues for the presence of systemic diseases in that person.

“We found a new flossing aid. A group of moms came up with a gadget that helps those who have a hard time holding the floss string or those who just have fingers that are too big to fit in their or their child’s mouth. Unlike a floss stick or holder which are one handle, this instrument contains two handles which are connected with a changeable floss insert, so that you can have fresh floss each time you floss. It is also decorated with cute cartoon characters also makes flossing fun!”

“We loved the take home info and clinical skills we learned in the pathology courses. We now know that clinicians can take pictures of oral lesions in 3-D. The 3-D images have certainly given us a new dimension of appreciating the depth and monitoring the details of some of the common and not so common soft tissues conditions in the mouth.”

BCDA Tooth Fairy Gala
BCDA Tooth Fairy Gala

“The highlight of the conference was definitely attending the BCDA fundraising Toothfairy Gala. This year gala paid special tribute to the Royal Canadian Dental Corp in celebrating its 100 years of dental services in Canadian military. In addition to an award ceremony which honoured accomplishments of dentists throughout the province, the silent and live cake auctions has fund raised much need resources for BCDA Save a Smile program, which provide funds for low income family whose children are in urgent need for dental care.”

Dr. Phoebe Tsang and Dr. Samson Ng meet the tooth fairy
Dr. Lobb and Dr. Leung - Great MC for the Tooth Fairy Gala
Dr. Lobb and Dr. Leung – Great MC for the Tooth Fairy Gala
Royal Canadian Dental Corps celebrating 100 years of services
Royal Canadian Dental Corps celebrating 100 years of services