Best of Both Worlds! – Who said you cannot have your chocolate and eat it too?!

Valentine’s Day practically is synonymous with the word chocolate, which represents a 21 billion dollar business in the US.  Nobody is immuned to the indulgence of the cocoa beans, but how can you prevent sending your beloved one down the path of tooth decay when you pamper them with a box of chocolate?

A US biotech company actually thought of solution!   Their research features a special formula of toothpaste using cocoa beans as the main ingredient.  The company pride themselves in their discovery of RennouTM, an extract from the cocoa beans which the company claims as a non toxic alternative to fluoride for strengthening your enamel and preventing tooth decay.

The science behind this new product is quite new and its caries prevention effect is questionable, nonetheless, the gimmick of brushing your kids teeth with chocolate can certainly instill their interests in brushing, even more than twice a day!!

All these natural products of course do come with a more hafty price tag – so on this coming Valentine’s Day,  would you like to spend $100 on a tube toothpaste or a real box of chocolate?

choco toothpaste 2

Why going to the dentist brings you good luck

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gung Hey Fatt Choy (in Cantonese)! or

Gong Xi Fa Cai (in Mandarin )!

There are many Chinese superstitions to start your Year of Monkey on the right foot. For examples, you should not cut your hair around Chinese New Year because the good luck will be severed off. The next one may be hard to follow if you are an active person: It is considered bad luck to wash your hair and have a shower during the first week of Chinese New Year (Well, you may have good luck but you may not be very popular amongst your friends, stinking skunk!)

Based on similar logic as above, I could not wrap my head around it when I found out that it is actually good luck to see a dentist during Chinese New Year! This rule may not apply to everybody. Nonetheless – if you were born in an animal year that is in conflict with the year of monkey, and your fortune predicts that you may have a medical operation (you may shed blood), you may be able to “trade in” your bigger operation with a smaller one at the dentist. Since you may bleed a little, because of gingivitis, when have your teeth cleaned, your predicted bad fortune is considered already “fulfilled” when you shed the little blood at the dentist and your destined, more involved medical operation or bleeding event can be avoided.

You may be rushing to the phone now to make your dental appointment or you may be rolling on the floor laughing about these superstitions….. one way or the other, we would like to wish good health and prosperity of the year of Monkey!

Dentist brings good luck Chinese New Year