Airway and Emergency Simulation Seminar

Our dental team is committed to continually reviewing, learning and updating our knowledge on dentistry. We are particularly interested in improvements for your child’s oral health and safety.    

emerg seminar 4emerg seminar

We recently attended an airway and emergency simulation seminar that refreshed and expanded our knowledge on the important topic of sedation safety. Some of the highlights from our day included lectures on specific differences between child and adult physiology, emergency prevention, case selection and detailed patient medical history. We practiced emergency simulations with a high fidelity simulation doll (Jose, was his name), CPR and AED. It was a great opportunity for us to discuss emergency practices and reflect on ways we work as a team, especially in these critical situations.

emerg seminar 3emerg seminar 2

We want to thank Michael Dare, an experienced paramedic, registered critical care nurse and primary sedation instructor at Sea to Sky Dental-Ed who shared his insights with us. We enjoyed learning and practicing these skills and spending quality time together as a team.


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