New Patient Exams & Routine Visits for Kids

If you are looking for a dental team that is child-focused and welcoming, look no further! You do not need a referral from your family dentist to become a patient in our office.

For our new patient on the day of the first visit:

  • Your child(ren) will be able to explore our clinic and become comfortable in the new environment with new people.
  • We will review medical and dental histories and any x-rays that may have been forwarded to our clinic.
  • When your child is at ease, we will skillfully and compassionately examine his/her teeth.
  • Depending on your child(ren)’s response, we may or may not take radiographs (x-rays) and clean their teeth during the first visit.
  • For small children who may be very anxious, we can do a “knee to knee” exam while you are hugging them and making them feel secure.
  • Our aim is always to create and maintain a positive experience for your child during their dental visit.
Dr. Pheobe Tsang performing knee to knee exam
A Knee to Knee Exam

Familiarization Appointment

If your child is a unsure about his/her dental appointment or your child has special needs that require him or her to learn new things in a more relaxed pace, our skilled dental staff will make baby steps with them. We strive to keep our appointments short, and we can set up “practice” or “role play” appointments with your child to get him or her more comfortable.

Handling your child’s dental appointment this way helps accommodate your child(ren)’s short attention span so they never feel overwhelmed. If you have any concerns, simply tell our dental team, and we’ll happily arrange a tailored made schedule for your child.