Restorative Dental Treatment Options for Kids – Interceptive Orthodontic

Space Maintainer for Kids

Space maintainer for kids: One of the jobs of a baby tooth, other than chewing food, is to save space for the adult tooth to come in. If a baby tooth is lost earlier than the expected age (for instance, the tooth has cavities and abscess and has to be removed), the other surrounding baby teeth may move into the empty space and crowd out future adult teeth. To prevent this crowding issue, a space maintainer can be used to “save” the space, which secures the empty space for the lost tooth and prevents neighboring teeth from drifting. It stays in place until the adult tooth is ready to come in and will be removed at the appropriate time so it doesn’t get into the way of the adult tooth eruption.

What happens when baby tooth is lost early?
What is space maintainer for kids?

Interceptive Orthodontics

Some bite problems, such as space loss, open-bite or cross-bite, are not self-correcting. These problems can usually be successfully treated if discovered early, before your child’s facial structures have finished growing. Interceptive orthodontics effectively treats and prevents bite problems as a child’s face, teeth and other oral structures develop. Ask our dental team if you’re concerned about your child’s appearance and/or chewing efficiency.

Crossbite on the back teeth?
Crossbite on the back teeth
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Open bite of the front teeth due to thumb sucking