Restorative Dental Treatment Options for Kids – Large Cavities involving nerve (pulp)

Nerve Treatment / Baby Root Canal Therapy – Pulpotomy

Pulpotomy is where part of the infected pulp tissue in a tooth (usually the nerve and blood vessel closest to the cavities) is removed and a medicinal dressing is placed to soothe the inflamed nerve tissue. When the cavity becomes very deep, bacteria and its toxins penetrate the nerve, making the nerve irritated or infected. Left untreated, the bacteria and its toxins may make the tooth completely non-vital and an abscess may form. The purpose of the pulpotomy is to remove the diseased pulp and prevent the infection from advancing further inside the tooth. When possible, pulpotomy is a better alternative than extraction because the procedure usually preserves the tooth. It’s a common procedure in children and has a reasonably good outcome, but success rate is not 100%. It’s important to cover a pulptomized tooth with a stainless steel crown in order to prevent bacteria re-infection or re-contamination. The stainless steel crown also strengthens the cavity-weakened tooth, increasing the likelihood of its survival.

What is a baby tooth root canal?
Pulpotomy as shown on a radiograph.