Wee-One Exam: Get it Done in Year one

Did you know that your child should have his/her first dental visit by his/her 1st birthday?

A scientific paper in Paediatric Dentist revealed that children who waited past their first birthday and did not see a dentist until age two or three “were more likely to have subsequent preventive, restorative and emergency visits.” Another study in the journal Paediatrics demonstrated children who have their first dental visit before age one have 40% lower dental costs in their first five years than other children, due to dental and medical procedure costs as a result of poor oral health. The “Wee-One visit” saves you money in a long run!

So we strongly embrace the recommendations by the BC Dental Association and the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry that a child should have his or her first dental visit by the first birthday. To make it easy, we offer a complimentary dental exam to any children under 18 months of age. We want your child to start good oral health habits as soon as his or her first tooth comes in! To book an appointment, simply contact us today!

Free dental exam for your child