Testimonials – What the Parents Say…

“I am very impressed with Dr. Tsang and her team. They were not just interested in getting the fillings done. They spent a lot of time preparing my child for the appointment. That’s why it went so well.”

AM – Abbotsford, BC

“My child has seen many doctors so she is really shy with new people. I am amazed how fast she warmed up to Dr. Tsang. I never thought my child would be willing to take a x-rays because she didn’t even sit and open her mouth for the other dentist we went to. Dr. Tsang and her staff were so patient with her. She took the x-rays in one go after the assistant practiced with her. She did it! ”

JP – Chilliwack, BC

“I am very nervous around dentist myself so I don’t know what to expect when I brought my child to his first visit. The dentist and the ladies there were so friendly and so good with kids that my son just hopped on the chair and did everything he was asked to do. I was so relieved at the end of the appointment. My son was so proud of himself that he couldn’t stop talking about the prizes he got from the dentist.”

BG – Abbotsford, BC

“I have never met a child who is so eager to go to the dentist. My son gets really excited if he knows his dental appointment with Dr. Tsang is coming up. He sometimes complains about a toothache so that I will bring him to the clinic. I am really glad that Dr. Tsang has made his dental experience so positive!”

PB – Abbotsford, BC

“My daughter drew a picture for Dr. Tsang and on the back she wrote – “I don’t know you are a dentist”. I found it so hilarious because Dr. Tsang and her team really tried to make her dental visit so fun with toys and games that I don’t think she realized she has been to the dentist. She thought she just had a play date!”

AF – Chilliwack, BC

“Dr. Tsang was so calm and professional in the way she is talking to my daughter who is really upset about getting her fillings done. Her demeanor really put my daughter at ease. I didn’t think she will let Dr. Tsang do the dental work at first but we made it through all the work at the end. I am so pleased because I don’t want my daughter go to the hospital to get the work done when she is asleep. I really appreciate Dr. Tsang trying to work with my daughter.”

SU – Mission, BC